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Essential Oils To Stop Snoring

by Rashana Wright on October 23, 2013

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Essential Oils To Stop Snoring

Are you a light sleeper like me? Well you’ll know then that any little hint of snoring from our partners can wake us up quickly out of a peaceful night’s slumber.

That’s what happened to me this past Saturday night. Now, my husband isn’t a regular snorer, but sometimes…..sometimes…..And Saturday was one of those sometimes.

I know Lavender is great for getting rid of snoring, but I was really low on lavender. Instead I combined it with two other oils–Peace And Calming and Valor.

Here’s what I did.

  • Pulled out my diffuser (awesome possum)
  • Filled it with water as instructed
  • Put in one drop of lavender
  • One drop of peace and calming
  • And two drops of Valor
  • Turned on the diffuser
  • Husband stopped snoring within 10 minutes
  • I get a good night’s rest
  • Everybody wins.

smiley smile Essential Oils To Stop Snoring It totally works. Try it.

Don’t have a diffuser? Apply on the bottoms of the feet. Works just as good.

And guess what? ALL THREE of these amazing oils AND THE DIFFUSER! come in the Young Living premium starter kit. WINNING!

To a good night’s rest,


photo 150x150 Essential Oils To Stop SnoringRashana Wright is a motivational strategist, breakthrough empowerment coach, author, speaker,  and educator on the natural healing powers of pure essential oils. She’s also a happy mom to three amazing kids and a proud Navy wife. She is a lover of inspiring and encouraging people and has taken her natural gifts, abilities, and talents in motivating, writing, speaking, and strategizing to empower women to reclaim their joy, live happy, and walk BOLDLY into their purpose. She’s dedicated to building God’s kingdom, one woman at a time.

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