Waiting It Out: Your Blessing Is On The Way

blessing is on the way

Waiting It Out: Your Blessing Is On The Way 

I know you may be reading this right now and you’re waiting for a breakthrough. I just wanted to send you a little note of encouragement to let you know that your blessing is on the way!

It gets hard trying to be patient sometimes. You start to think God has forgotten about you. Or that you’re getting what you ‘deserve’. God has not forgotten and what you deserve is only the best. The waiting is conditioning. He’s conditioning you to practice patience, trust, and faith.

Trust in who? Trust in Him. When you can ride through the storm with a smile on your face, when you really should be weeping, you have decided to put your trust in Him. That’s faith at work.

Joseph went to hell and back, betrayed by his own brothers who said he would be nothing and who were jealous of him, but He held on to God’s promises that he would lead one day. And although it took many years, it came to pass. Abraham was 100 years old before God finally gave him and his wife Sarah a child, but it came to pass.

Waiting will not always be easy. Your faith may waver at times. But you have to stand on the promises of God. The bible says he has never see the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging for bread (Psalm 37:25).

What does that mean? It means it may LOOK hard right now, but God is molding and smoothing and molding and smoothing in the background because He wants your blessing to be just right. Don’t try to take things into your own hands by doing your own will. Keep waiting on the will of God because that’s where your blessing is.

You will be rewarded for your faithfulness.

Your blessing is waiting right there on the other side of the pain you’re going through, the hurt you’re feeling, the financial difficulties you’re experiencing, the bad relationship you’re in, the trauma that’s giving you nightmares, the heartache that’s keeping you up at night……..It’s there. It’s right there……

Every day ask for strength to keep holding on. He will give it to you. Don’t mess up the blessing…..the reward of faithfulness…..that God has for you by not waiting it out.

He’s been so good. Why give up now?

Don’t worry about it. Your blessing is on the way. Declare it! Believe it! Receive it!



rashana wright bioRashana Wright is a motivational strategist, author, speaker, coach, encourager, happy mom to three amazing kids and a proud Navy wife. She’s also a bona fide lefty and proud of it! She is a lover of inspiring and encouraging people and has taken her natural gifts, abilities, and talents in motivating, writing, speaking, and strategizing to empower women to reclaim their joy. She’s dedicated to building God’s kingdom, one woman at a time.

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